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Welcome to the website of the Loughor Inshore Lifeboat.

The Crew of the Loughor Inshore Lifeboat are on-call 24 hours a day to help preserve life in and around the Loughor Estuary.

The Lifeboat is one of around 60 independent Lifeboats set up around the country, who are not part of the RNLI and receive no funding from them, although we do work together on exercises and call-outs. On the sub menus you will find all the information about the station, including photos of the crew and the Lifeboat currently on station, as well as a history of the station and also of the call-outs that we have attended.

The next call-out could come at any time, day or night, and the crew will always attend, whether they are at home or in work. Our crew come from all walks of life, we have students, a mechanic, a postman, a computer consultant and also a finance manager on the crew. We currently have over 20 crew members who are trained to the highest possible standard, so that when the call comes in, they will respond in the best possible way.


Loughor Rregatta this Saturday from midday till late

In an Emergency Dial 999 ask for the Coastguard

Latest Callout

21st September A Busy day for us

Whist attending a crew get together at the station at around 18:35 a speedboat with 7 persons on board ran aground north of the Station. The Crew immediately self launched the ERB Lifeboat No2 to assist with the recovery of persons in the water. The Coastguard at Swansea MRCC were informed immediately. All person recovered safely to land.


At 00:34 The Crew of the Loughor Inshore Rescue Lifeboat were paged by Swansea MRCC to reports of a person in the water at Loughor Bridge. On arrival the Crew set up two teams either side of the river searching for a casualty. The Casualty made the 999 call himself and was found to be at the lower half of the Public walkway bridge Llanelli side where he had fallen over the rail into the mud below. The casualty was pulled out by a Policeman. Services involved were Swansea MRCC MAWW Dyfed and south Wales Police Loughor Mobile SRT and Loughor Inshore Rescue Lifeboat.







The Lifeboat Station, Gwydr Place, Loughor, Swansea SA4 6TW  •  Tel: (01792) 891 891  •  Email: mail@loughorlifeboat.org.uk